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Traditional and Synthetic Stucco

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Traditional and Synthetic Stucco

There are two types of stucco that exist today. The first is traditional stucco. Traditional stucco is comprised of Portland cement, sand, lime and water. The mixture is applied over a lath base or mesh, in multiple coats. This mixture will dry and harden into a dense and solid finish. Often times, this traditional stucco is finished with a coat of acrylic-polymer to help prevent cracking. 

Synthetic stucco or “Exterior insulation and finish systems” (EIFS), is made of three-layered components. 1) Insulation board 2) base coat 3) finish coat. Synthetic stucco has received a very bad rap over the years due to poor installation. Synthetic stucco was first used in Europe where it was applied overtop of masonry walls. In contrast, most homes in the United states are built using wood or gypsum. When EIFS was first introduced to the United States, many contractors cut corners and did not properly install a moisture barrier or a moisture barrier was not installed at all. By the late 1980’s homeowners and inspectors began noticing that many synthetic stucco homes were showing extensive signs of water damage. Because it is a barrier type system, a perfect water barrier is required during EIFS installation over the wood or gypsum sheathing to prevent water from getting into places like windows, doors, roof flashings, deck flashings and vents, to name a few. Because this did not occur, water was able to get in and cause extensive water damage to the wood or gypsum sheathing.

Properly installed synthetic stucco is a low maintenance, energy efficient and beautiful way to add to your home’s curb appeal. It is imperative to hire a qualified stucco installer. Lancaster Siding and Stucco Pros are well- qualified and experienced to handle your exterior home or commercial needs.

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